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Independent Travel Training

Making a referral

Students will be referred to the ITT service by SEN Services, schools, colleges, parents/carers and other agencies.  All of these services will be able to identify the students who may benefit from travel training.

To refer a young person on to the Independent Travel Training scheme, please click on the link on the right hand side of this page and complete the referral form.

Alternatively, you can request for a form to be sent to you via post or email, by contacting us at or 0151 225 6046/6040

Programme Contents

The travel training programme will cover various topics depending on the needs of the student. It will include:

  • personal & community safety
  • coping with traffic and road safety
  • classroom sessions
  • one to one coaching
  • confidence in using buses and/or trains
  • safe walking routes
  • journey planning and what you need to take with you
  • identification of landmarks
  • how to use timetables and visual aids
  • buying tickets
  • develop coping strategies including ‘what if’ scenarios
  • where to get help
  • money skills

A detailed personal journey plan is produced for each individual pupil in a format that is appropriate for him/her.

Once the training is complete, the student will be presented with a certificate in recognition of the fundamental life skills they have gained and the hard work they put into the training. We will continue to evaluate and assess the student after the training and are able to offer ongoing support.


Independent Travel Training offers many benefits to the student as it;

  • Promotes independence and enables students to access social activities
  • Increases confidence and helps them to feel safer in their community
  • Helps to improve social skills and maintain relationships
  • Opens up many routes to further education, employment or leisure


Summary of Travel Training Process


  • Assessment of Trainee
  • Route Assessment
  • Initial skills
  • Accompanied Travel
  • Repetition & shadowing
  • Independent Travel

Who to contact

Contact Name
Lynn Newton


In conjunction with the travel training programme, we also offer the option of delivering Open Awards Qualifications.

  • Entry Level 2 Award/Certificate in Skills for Travelling in the Community (RQF)
  • Entry Level 3 Award/Certificate in Skills for Travelling Independently (RQF)

The qualifications are ideal for young people or adults with barriers to travelling independently who want an introduction to the skills and knowledge required for safe and independent travel on pedestrian routes or using public transport.

The qualifications provide a mechanism for them to recognise their development of knowledge and/or skills to operate independently and effectively in life, learning and work.  For some learners, this may involve developing the skills to travel using public transport with support or for others to travel using public transport independently on a chosen journey.

Delivery of the qualifications is done in accordance with Ofqual regulatory guidelines and in line with Open Awards quality assurance processes.

Upon successful completion, the young person/adult will be awarded a certificate by Open Awards.

Local Offer

Local Offer Age Bands
Young Adults (16 to 25)
Secondary (11 to 16)