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FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES - Safeguarding team.

Purpose: The Instant Response Service is a team of 8 FSWs who will provide immediate intense targeted intervention over a maximum period of 6 weeks in order to stabilise the family unit and reduce the risk of accommodation.

The team will endeavour to provide a response within 2 – 3 hours of a referral being made Monday to Friday within core working hours where practicable to do so.

Criteria for referral: The Instant Response Team (IRT) will work with a child / young person and their family where there is an imminent risk of the child /young person being accommodated or has recently been accommodated and the plan is to return the child home.

Factors that may contribute to this include one, a combination or all of the following.

  • Family Breakdown
  • Housing 
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Education
  • Neglect
  • Substance misuse   

Who can refer: All Social Work teams can refer into this service if the family require an immediate intervention to stabilise the family unit and prevent a child becoming accommodated.

Referrals require Team Manager / Consultant Social Worker Approval.

How to refer: Email IRT Manager (Julie Rogers) Deputy Manager (Paula Russell) outlining the reason for the referral providing as much information as

Emails must always be followed up with a telephone call to ensure the referral is actioned and allocated to the team at the earliest opportunity.

Julie Rogers / Paula Russell office 0151-233-3240

Instant Response Team office 0151- 233-6168 or 0151-233-6169

If the Instant Response Team Managers are unavailable then it is acceptable for contact to be made with a member of the Instant Response Team.

It is Essential that the following information is provided:

  • Children’s full names and dates of birth.
  • Parent’s names
  • Address, postcode, telephone contact details.
  • Risks that may impact on workers’ health, safety and lone working.
  • Overview of the support required.
  • Other professionals involved with the family.

 On receipt of referral IRT will:

  • Meet to discuss the case and gather further information about the family via Liquid Logic.
  • A member of the team will then contact the Social Worker in order to seek further information about the case, and arrange an initial visit to the family.
  • Social Worker will share information with the team about known risks associated with the family.
  • The worker/s will complete the initial visit with the Social Worker if deemed appropriate.
  • If the Social worker is unavailable to undertake a visit with the IRT then the initial visit will be undertaken by two members of the Team.


Staff Team / Mobile details: 

Team Manager

Julie Rogers

Mobile 07894785154

Deputy Team Manager

Paula Russell

Mobile 07841726738

Family Support Worker

Danny McCluskey

Mobile 07590432762

Family Support Worker

Karl McCluskey

Mobile 07709398574

Family Support Worker

Ruth Thompson

Mobile 07545200743

Family Support Worker

Sheila Kenny

Mobile 07709398573

Family Support Worker

Ann-Marie Kirk

Mobile 07545200315

Family Support Worker

Amanda Doyle

Mobile 07793946990

Family Support Worker

Lynette Sung

Mobile 07709398588

Family Support Worker

Paul Cawley

Mobile 07808847255





Local Offer

Local Offer Age Bands
Young Adults (16 to 25)
Primary (5 to 11)
Secondary (11 to 16)
Early Years (0 to 5)
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