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Tutorean - Private Tutor

Tutorean is a platform that connects exceptional private tutors with eager-to-learn students. Lessons are booked online and take place face-to-face.

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If you would like to apply to become a tutor


Here are some of the benefits of using Tutorean:

• Quick + easy to use: You'll be ready to start teaching in no time

• Flexible: Choose your students, schedule and rate.

• Make extra cash: Getting paid is fast and painless.


How does it work? It's pretty simple, really.

1- Create your free profile: You'll be ready to start teaching in no time.

2- Schedule lessons: Our SmartMatch© engine connects you to students nearby.

3- Start teaching and making a difference: Focus on what you do best: tutoring.

4- Rate and get rated: Our two-way rating system ensures the best experience.

5- Get paid: You'll get paid every week - directly to your bank account.


Other useful info:

• Lessons are booked online but take place face-to-face (typically in the student’s home).

• Most students are younger and many seek help for examinations, such as GCSEs or A-Levels.


You must be proficient in the subject you plan to teach.

Also, you must be friendly, sociable and enjoy helping others.

You don’t need formal tutoring qualification but we will give you a lot of resources you can use to improve your tutoring skills. This means you’ll be able to get better ratings, book more students and charge more.



Tutorean can be used to facilitate the search for tutoring Services. Tutorean makes available a platform with related technology for students to find tutors.

Tutorean is not a provider of tutoring services.


Tutorean is not a contracting agent or representative of any tutor or student. Tutors are independent contractors and are not employees or agents of Tutorean.

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