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Mayoral Hardship Fund

The Mayoral Hardship Fund is a special fund of £2m over three years which has been set up to enable us to respond to the exceptional and growing pressures on Liverpool residents on a low income.

The Mayoral Hardship Fund can step in at a time of crisis or emergency.

The funding provides help with the costs of basic needs such as food, fuel, clothing, toiletries and sanitary products, housing and items for the home, income maximisation and budgeting support, access to affordable finance, digital access and access to justice.

Examples of support provided so far by the fund include help with:

  • Emergency food and fuel.
  • Cost of redecorating after a fire.
  • Children’s clothing.
  • Cost of a medical report for a DWP benefit appeal
  • Carpets to help make accommodation suitable for a child with disabilities
  • Cost of installing a gas cooker.

How to apply

You can make an application by calling 0800 456 1523 stating that your claim should be considered under the Mayoral Hardship Fund.

Please note that if we identify that help should be provided under the Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme which is a fund we also run, we will normally do that instead.

We will also ask if you need any help with benefits, discretionary housing payments or if you need a referral for housing and debt advice.

When making an application please provide your name, address and telephone number and provide basic details of what type of support may be needed.

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