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Addiction Treatment Programme - The Priory Hospital Altrincham

The Priory Hospital Altrincham is a ‘dry centre’ that offers treatment for both substance and behavioural addictions, including alcohol, drug, sex and other addictions.

Our specialist addiction team are able to treat a range of addictions, including:

·         Alcohol

·         Illegal drugs (including legal highs)

·         Prescription drugs

·         Gambling

·         Sex and Relationships

·         Binge eating

·         Internet

·         Poly (Multiple) addictions

The full 28 day addiction treatment programme at our Altrincham clinic offers:

·         Group and individual 1:1 therapy

·         Family group therapy

·         Couples therapy

·         Holistic treatment such as art therapy and yoga

·         Step-down care from inpatient to day care to ensure smooth transition towards discharge

·         Free aftercare for 12 months on completion of the programme - includes support groups, talks, advice and useful contacts


We also have the ability to treat medically complicated detox cases on a 7 day basis. Included in the detox programme is 24 hour observation, medical management and the ability to administer medicine to safely monitor, reduce and improve physical symptoms.

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The Priory Hospital Altrincham
Rappax Road
WA15 0NU