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RAISE Team – (Mental Health Promotion) Merseyside Youth Association – Liverpool CAMHS

The MYA RAISE team specialise in the promotion of mental health and resilience to children & young people. They work in partnership with CAMHS, schools and youth groups to deliver a variety of projects and events. As a team, they strive to improve the knowledge and understanding of mental health amongst children and young people promoting the message that “Mental Health is everyone’s business”.
Our approach with every project and piece of work we undertake is to raise a generation to be:
What do you do?
We engage with a wide range of partners (including mental health professionals, youth workers, teachers, social workers, GP’s, and parents/carers) and collaborate with people from creative industries in order to develop thought provoking promotional material, such as films and animations.

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Other notes

Where do you see young people?
Through schools and community organisations and at Merseyside Youth Association on Hanover Street.
Do you offer training in your specialist area?
As well as supporting children, young people, parents and carers, We support staff who work with children and young people in Liverpool. This would include teachers, social care professionals, GP’s, NHS staff and  Voluntary and Community Organisations.

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