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What do we do?

Alder hey hospital children’s diabetes team is made up of a variety of people who will work to help you learn all about coping with diabetes as part of your daily lives.

Each team member has a specialist role, but many of the things we do overlap.

The diabetes nurses will work very closely with all children, young people and their families. We have a dedicated team of Diabetes Nurse Specialists, Diabetes Nurses and Diabetes research nurses. You will have a named lead nurse who will be responsible for coordinating your diabetes care, but you will meet and be supported by all the diabetes nursing team.

The diabetes nurses will help you to manage all the day to day aspects of diabetes care; they are your link between hospital and home. They will also help you to support and educate school and nursery staff about diabetes.

A team of community based specialist diabetes dietitians also provide a high quality service for all those who access the service with diabetes. This includes providing tailored dietary advice to encourage improvement in food choices, nutrition and promote physical activity.

The Specific services they provide include:

  • Advice for newly diagnosed and established diabetes
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice for changing from oral hypoglycaemic drugs to GLP-1 or insulin treatment
  • Courses on Carbohydrate Counting
  • Dietary advice for people with diabetes and other coexisting conditions e.g. obesity, hyperlipidaemia, renal disease and coeliac disease including referral to specialist colleagues as appropriate
  • Advice for patients on insulin pump therapy
  • Specialist clinics for young people with diabetes

Service Contact Details

Community based diabetes services referrals can be accepted from GP's, Consultants, Hospital Doctors, Practice Nurses and Diabetes Specialist Nurses (such as Alder Hey)

For further information please see or contact Clinical Lead Specialist Diabetes Dietitians on 0151 295 3868

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