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The Brain Changer Arts Project from The Brain Charity

Our project utilises the skills of a professional dancer and an art and craft leader, working in tandem with a Physiotherapist and an Occupational Therapist. We deliver innovative workshops that harness the power of the arts to bring therapeutic benefits to children and young people with neurological conditions.

Physiotherapy through Dance: Our Physiotherapist and Dance Instructor plan and deliver dance routines which focus on mobility, strength and stamina through a different creative theme each week. The children involved are encouraged to create their own movements and we develop an environment in which they can perform if they wish to in front of their peers.

Occupational Therapy through Art and Craft: Our Occupational Therapist and Art and Craft Leader devise activities that focus on improving hand and arm skills through a different artistic and creative theme. The children develop a variety of artistic skills that support physical improvements such as hand-eye coordination, shoulder stability and the use of both hands.

As all face to face contact with children & young people has ceased for the time being due to COVID-19 we have moved to an online provision and are offering live workshops through Zoom. 



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Project Coordinator

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Online - sign up via registration link shared by the Project Coordinator

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Each session will be delivered on Zoom by our two session leads plus a moderator to ensure smooth running of the workshop. The workshops last for 1 hour and further details are sent in advance of the start date and time.

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This project is free to access


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Self-referral and referral from health workers is possible. We just ask that the children and young people you are referring have a neurological condition and will benefit physically from being involved in the project.

Other notes

The workshops are for children and young people with neurological conditions who will benefit physically from being involved in the project. We adapt our sessions based on the participants' needs and all of the Physiotherapy through Dance sessions can be carried out standing or seated.

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Innovative free dance and craft workshops for children with neurological conditions have opened to youngsters anywhere in Merseyside for the first time.


The Brain Changer Arts Project – launched last year by The Brain Charity thanks to funding from BBC Children in Need – harnesses the power of the arts to help some of the more than 500,000 young people across the UK with neurological conditions or brain injuries.


The fun weekly sessions, which are currently running as online video classes, provide physiotherapy through dance and occupational therapy through art and craft and are open to children of any age.


Previously, the workshops have only been available to specific school groups in Liverpool, but now, thanks to safe, private video technology, The Brain Charity has opened the project up to young people from anywhere in Merseyside and across the UK.


All activities are specifically designed to stimulate multiple parts of the brain and improve cognitive function – dancing boosts motor control and balance, reduces stress and increases serotonin levels while crafting assists with dexterity, hand-eye coordination and memory – as well as offering a chance for children and their parents or carers to make new friends.


Already, organisers have noticed life-changing benefits for the young people taking part – in the project’s first year, more than a third of participants found their mobility improved and confidence levels shot up among more than half of attendees.


Nanette Mellor, CEO of The Brain Charity, a national charity based in Liverpool city centre, said: “We are so excited to have been awarded this funding by BBC Children in Need.


“Access to physiotherapy for our young people is so limited these days, and we are sure these workshops will improve their wellbeing and set them up for as healthy and active a life as possible.”


The first hour-long public taster session, providing physiotherapy through creative dance with help from a professional physiotherapist and dance instructor, will take place next Saturday morning (July 25th) at 11am.

For more information or to sign up, fill in the form on this page

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0151 298 2999
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The Brain Changer Arts Project
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