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Ellergreen Nursery School and Childcare Centre

 Parents/carers are welcome to visit our Nursery School and Childcare Centre at anytime to become familiar with the staff and the environment.
• Before a child starts in the Nursery School and the Childcare Centre they come with their parents/carers for a visiting session or a series of visiting sessions depending on the individual need of the child. The Headteacher meets informally with the child’s parents/carers during this session and any SENs concerns are discussed.
• Parents/carers have daily access to share any concerns about their child’s development with any of the school staff.
• All children are monitored very closely during the first 6 weeks by all the staff and then parents meetings are held. This is an opportunity for staff to share any concerns and discuss personalised plans being implemented to meet each child’s needs.
• If a child joins our school during the school term having been to another setting we will link with the previous setting to gain their assessment records.

 All the staff are experienced Early Years teachers and Nursery Nurses who are always willing to listen and support children and their families.
• Each child is allocated a Key Person who will ensure that their key children’s learning is planned for in meaningful contexts.
• All the staff will do daily observations of each child which informs their next steps for learning.
• We employ a Language Support Practitioner who supports all our children depending on their needs. She will complete the paperwork for a Speech and Language referral to be made if felt this will support a child’s communication and language skills.
• Children with identified Special Educational Needs will have individual Play Plans which will identify measurable targets for the child to achieve. This is drawn up in partnership with the parents/carers.
• We work closely with other agencies and staff to ensure all recommendations are implemented in the class.
• The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) works closely with parents/carers to co-ordinate Common Assessment Framework (CAF) or Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings and ensure joint working to improve outcomes for each child.
• The SENCO will ensure that a smooth transition plan is in place for each SENs child when they move to Reception.

Planning is led by the interests of individual children and identified areas of strength and areas to develop.
• All learning is led by teachers in our school and is pitched at the appropriate level for each child.
• Staff will keep assessment records for each child identifying areas of strength and areas to develop.

• Each child is allocated a Key Person who is responsible for ensuring that the needs of their Key children are being met across all areas of school life.
• Planning is led by the needs of the whole children and our children develop socially in a very caring and respectful environment.
• All children are supported to become independent learners and respectful of each other.
• We employ a Nursery Nurse who leads Early Intervention Programmes for identified children.
• When a child is identified to have specific Special Educational Needs the SENCO links with other appropriate agencies for support and guidance with the parent’s permission.

We employ a Nursery Nurse to implement Language Programmes- Language Enrichment groups (accessed by all the children), Little Listener groups (accessed by identified children ) and Me Time groups (1:1 sessions which are often a time to implement recommendations made by other specialist agencies).
• We will support EAL (English as an additional Language) children and their parents through various strategies. For example: employing interpreters, asking other parents of a given language to support us and having letters written in another language.
• We make referrals to agencies that we identify will help the child reach their full potential.
• We can access support for identified children through the Primary Consortia.
• We work closely with Health Visitors, Community Nursery Nurses and Children Centre Support Workers, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Community Paediatricians and Physiotherapists, Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Support Service (SENSIS).
• We are often the Lead Professional for a child’s CAF or attend CAF/TAC meetings for our children.
• We also work closely with Social Workers and attend any necessary meetings linked to Child Protection children.

 Whenever a child starts in our School or Childcare Centre who has an identified SENs the SENCO will ensure the staff are adequately trained to meet the needs of the child. For example we have had allergy training, medical training to meet the needs of children with specific medical needs such as Asthma and having a stomach tube.
• Most staff have attended Signalong training and some are trained to use Makaton.
• Staff have attended ASD training.
• Staff have attended a range of Speech and Language training.
• The SENCO attends relevant Special Educational Needs training throughout the year.

Our school is an inclusive school and children are included in all activities. All activities are carefully planned to ensure all the children’s needs are met.
• An adult from all our families are asked to attend trips with their child.


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