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Early Years Consortia

Overview of the Early Years Consortia In October 2013, a decision was made to establish an “Early Years Consortia” with the support of the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA). In April 2016, the SEND Early Help Team was developed with the responsibility to continue to…

Early Years Consortia 1

Chair: Suzanne Davies Norris Green Pre-school (Rosie and Jim's)Telephone: 07434669791Email: Deputy Chair: Gemma Atkinson Tilly Mints NurseryTelephone: 0151 476 8665Email: Health Visitors linked to Consortia 1: Gill Fitzpatrick      Tel: 0151 295 8576Chris Stott-Yates  Tel: 0151 295 8576

Early Years Consortia 2

Chair: Alex Graham Daisy Chain NurseryTelephone: 0151 521 1641Email: Deputy Chair: Lesley Kidd Rainbow House NurseryTelephone: 0151 530 1516Email:

Early Years Consortia 3

Chair: Laura Maguire  Dukes and Duchesses NurseryTelephone: 0151 709 1186Email: Deputy Chair: Angela Wood  Liverpool College NurseryTelephone: 0151 703 0953Email: Health Visitors linked to Consortia 3: Joanne Robinson  Tel: 0151 295 9248Josette Niyokind   Tel: 0151 295 3317/3395

Early Years Consortia 4

Chair: Jane Burke  West Derby Pre-SchoolTelephone: 0151 252 0067Email: Deputy Chair: Ann Douglas  Tuebrook TotsTelephone: 0151 256 6422 or 07899 758 881Email: Health Visitor linked to Consortia 4: Sandi Elliott    Tel: 0151 295 3317

Early Years Consortia 5

Chair: Jon McCowen Sticky Fingers NurseryTelephone: 0151 733 3373Email: Health Visitors linked to Consortia 5: Sandi Elliott   Tel: 0151 295 3317Maria Sumner  Tel: 0151 295 3317

Early Years Consortia 6

Chair: Pauline Coventry  Five NurseryTelephone: 0151 486 9719Email: Deputy Chair: Sandra Wall  Clarendon NurseryTelephone: 0151 494 2094Email:

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