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  • Choices Mini Leagues

    Wednesday's 6pm-8pm (Term time only)
    Various sport mini leagues including Boccia, Football, Wheelchair Rugby, Power Sports, Wheelchair handball and Wheelchair basketball. This activity is free. Activity only runs during term time.
  • Rebound Therapy

    Monday's at 6pm-8pm & Wednesday's at 6pm-8pm, Thursdays 5 - 7pm
    Fun exercise and fitness sessions for disabled people with severe physical disabilities, profound and multiple learning disabilities and autism, using a trampoline. Sessions are led by at least one qualified instructor. No need to book - just turn up!
  • Cycling

    Wednesday's 10am-12pm, Saturday's 10am-2pm
    The cycling club gives disabled people, their family and friends the oppotunity to cycle together in Sefton Park. A variety of bikes are available for participants and are suitable for people with a range of disabilities. Places must be booked in advance.
  • Boccia

    Wednesday's at 6pm-7pm
    Based on bowls or boules the game is played on a badminton sized court. Players have a set of six balls (either red or blue) which are thrown, kicked or ramped to a white target ball (the jack) and points are scored by those closest…
  • Funs for Everyone

    Friday's 5pm-6pm
    Funs for Everyone is the market leading Fundamental Movement Skills programme. It is unique in that it is a progressive programme designed to include, challenge and support the fundamental movement skills – balance, coordination and agility – at all ages, stages and abilities. The club…
  • Table Tennis

    Tuesday's 7pm-9pm
    Coaching available from qualified coaches (additional charge applies). 10 table tennis tables and all equipment  provided. Suitable for people aged 5+.
  • Wheelchair Handball

    Wednesday's 6pm-7pm
    Handball at Greenbank Sports Academy is played indoors. It is a team sport for seven players per side which can be played by wheelchair users or as a running game. The aim of the game is to throw a ball into the goal of the…
  • Wheelchair Basketball

    Wednesday's 7pm-9pm
    Wheelchair basketball is one of the original Paralympic sports, developed in the late 1940s as rehabilitation for patients with spinal cord injuries. It soon developed as a competitive sport and is suitable for players with a wide range of disabilities. Able bodied players are also…
  • Sports and Activities for the Visually Impaired (SAVI)

    Tuesday's 6pm-8pm
    Inclusive sports for blind and partially sighted people often have an able-bodied equivalent such as tennis and blind tennis. Generally they work on the same principles with a few adapted rules. For certain activities adapted equipment is required such as audible balls or guide ropes…
  • Sudley Area Residents Association - SARA Hall

    SARA Hall is the focus for the Association's activities including fundraising events, community meetings, meetings of the SARA Committee and regular day and evening sessions provided by The Workers' Educational Association and Independent tutors. Other groups also use the Hall including Merseyside Police and our…