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Accessibility Strategy

Schools Accessibility Strategy Agreed by cabinet 29/8/2014

Early Years

The first few years of a child's life are crucial in terms of their development and well-being. These pages set out the various childcare options that are available and also the support services that are available to support their needs. The attached documents give further…


There are a range of services that are available to everybody, without the need for any assessment or referral (although you will probably need to register with them), to help manage their health.  These are often called ‘Universal’ services and they include GPs, Dentists, Pharmacists,…

Post-16 Education and Training

Post 16 options for students with SEND When a young person leaves school at 16 - 19 years, they are likely to have some or all of the following options available to them depending on their ability, independence and support needs: Further education at a…


A school place for every child is an entitlement and is regarded as universal provision. Every mainstream school is resourced to support the majority of children with special educational needs. Classroom teachers are trained to differentiate the curriculum, which means teaching the same subject at…

Service Pupil Premium

The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is additional funding that can be claimed by schools if they have pupils who have a parent who is a serving member of the Armed Forces. Schools can also claim the SPP for the child after the serving parent has…

Transition Policies and Protocols

These documents are currently under review