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Disabled Children's Register

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What is the Disabled Children & Young Person's Register?

  • All Local Authorities have a duty to have a record or register of disabled children in their area, under the Childcare Act 1989. Our Disabled Children & Young Persons Passport Plus is Liverpool's way of doing this

Who does it cover?

  • If you have a disabled child or are a young person aged up to 25, you can sign up for the Disabled Children & Young Person's Register. Our local definition of disability is based on the Equality Act 2010, which states that a person is disabled if they have a physical or mental impairment that has "substantial" and "long term" negative effects on their ability to do normal daily activities.

Some examples of what this would include are:-

  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Autism or Aspergers, Behavioural / Emotional or Social Difficulties, Cerebral Palsy, Complex Health Needs, Dyspraxia, Global Development Delay, Learning Difficulty, Mobility Difficulty, Palliative Care Needs and Sight and / or Hearing Impairments.

Do I have to sign up?

  • No - signing up for the Disabled Children & Young Person's Register is completely voluntary - but we would encourage you to do so.

To sign up 

  • Please click to read our Privacy Policy for details of how your information will be stored and used. The policy can be found here -
  • Then, you should email us at and include the following
  • Your (if applying for yourself) / Your child's name, child's date of birth, home address, gender and disability
  • Parent / Carers name
  • Parent / Carers home address if different from child's
  • contact email address
  • contact telephone
  • relationship to child