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Active TT Schooling Support for People with AEP and SEND 2

1. Active TT Schooling holds parent-teacher relations at the heart of its educational ethos. Children and parents will be given a preliminary tour around the premises, which will include meeting present students and receiving a welcome pack divulging key information about the school. Following this, an initial trial day will allow the student to immerse themselves in the daily structure and teaching style of Active TT. This transitional process is followed up by intensive contact with parents/guardians; progress reports are conducted three times a year and the school is always on hand to answer enquiries by phone or email.

2. Active TT boasts a staff with in depth knowledge of all aspects of Special Educational Needs. The school itself is best described as 'active', in the sense that it moulds around pupils' needs, rather than forcing children into a negative educational space. Action plans are compiled for all new pupils, detailing the targets for their development and matching the dynamic framework of Active TT to their needs.

3. The curriculum itself is pupil specific, built around the educational needs of the students. The curriculum is not a fixed agenda, but rather a flexible tool which allows the school to form a concrete relationship with pupils.

4. Active TT enjoys a team of staff which engage with both the administrative and pastoral needs of any child under their care. Administration maintains close links to the school where the young person is on roll, and the years of AEP/SEND experience within the team allows for a practical and meaningful pastoral relationship with all children on site.

5. The school sees extracurricular activities as essential to nurture a child's emotional growth and personal confidence. Any trips or activities arranged are scrupulously designed with the needs of all pupils under their care in mind. Any problems which may present themselves with regards extracurricular activities will be resolved through careful consideration and extended contact with pupil's guardians and supervisors.

6. Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are catered for at Active TT; all facilities required are found on the ground floor, and disabled toilets are available if needed. Active TT provides an inclusive environment for all disabilities, aiming to create an equality, supported by self-maintained responsibility, which is not always a reality for SEND students elsewhere.

7. If further information is needed please feel free to contact Active TT Schooling through their website, email or telephone number.