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Personal Health Budget

From 1st April 2014 children and young people who meet the eligibility criteria for NHS Continuing Care have the right to request to be considered for a Personal Health Budget from their local Clinical Commissioning Group.  From the 1st April 2015, this is to be extended to those with a long term or mental health condition.

The right to a personal health budget is currently only available to those children and young people who are eligible for NHS Continuing Care (up to 18) and NHS Continuing Health Care (19-25). This will be a small number of children and young people who have complex needs and require support services that cannot be met by universal and targeted health services (all of which are part of the Local Offer).

For further information about Personal Health Budgets please look here:

Requesting a Personal Health Budget

If you are receiving NHS Continuing Care or NHS Continuing Health Care and are interested in possibly having a Personal Health Budget, then first please speak to the lead professional co-ordinating your care.