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Young Minds

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Driven by their experiences we campaign, research and influence policy and practice.

We provide expert knowledge to professionals, parents and young people through our:

  • Parents' Helpline
  • Online resources
  • Training and development
  • Outreach work and publications

Helpline for Parents, Carers and Professionals

The Young Minds Parents’ Helpline offers free, confidential online and telephone support, including information and advice, to any adult worried about the emotional problems, behaviour or mental health of a child or young person up to the age of 25. Helping parents and carers to understand their child’s behaviour and enabling them to secure the right professional help for their children is crucial. The telephone service is supported by a specialist callback service, email and online support.

Who Calls Us?

Parents, carers, grandparents, anyone close to a child who is worried about their mental health. We also advise professionals including counsellors and teachers.

What do parents ask about?

Any concerns they have about their child’s emotions or behaviour, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Bereavement
  • Eating problems
  • Family relationships
  • School problems
  • Self-harm

There are just a few of the subjects we hear about, if you are concerned about your child, contact us or check out our the website. 

Some parents contact us with worries about whether their children are OK, wondering if these worries are justified or if their child's behaviour is normal. Others have children with diagnosed difficulties but are struggling to get the help they need. Other parents need to know how to manage their child’s behaviour while waiting to get professional help.

What happens when you call us?

When you ring the helpline number, you’ll get through to one of our friendly trained helpline advisers. They will explore your concerns and find out what’s worrying you, and what support you have had so far. They can advise on practical steps you can take to get help and relevant local or national services. They can also post you leaflets and factsheets.

Callers who need further advice will be offered a free confidential telephone consultation from a YoungMinds child mental health specialist. Our advisers include psychotherapists, psychiatrists and mental health nurses, all are qualified in child and adolescent mental health. They can give advice on your child’s behaviour, making the best use of services, and how to move the situation on.

You will receive a call within seven working days of requesting it, at a time convenient to you. Calls last up to 50 minutes. They give parents a chance to think through the situation with an expert, and to work out the best way to resolve the problem.

What happens when you email us, or chat online ?

Sometimes it’s easier to write things down when they are really worring you. Contact us on the email shown anytime for advice. Our friendly, trained advisers will reply within three working days (often sooner).

If other people can read your emails and you would prefer to keep the content private, you may prefer to telephone us.

We make mental health information accessible

We produce an essential range of easy-to-read publications about children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. We also provide a vital source of trustworthy online information for young people and parents, where they can share their experiences and support each other.

YoungMinds Magazine provides mental health and children’s professionals with the latest news, features, research, practice and opinions affecting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.



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Young Minds

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Helpline: Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm

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Although we do not provide any direct services to young people, we can provide advice and information to parents on our helpline. We also have an online contact form as it is sometimes easier to write down our concerns.

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