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SEND Strategy Consultation - April 2018

Liverpool is about to launch a new special educational needs and disability (SEND) strategy and is asking for help from all stakeholders including parents and carers to help inform the development and delivery of services.  The strategy aims to ensure that all agencies work together to improve the ways in which we identify and assess children and young people with SEND. It also aims to ensure high quality early help provision for Liverpool families.

We have identified six main priorities that we think we need to concentrate on to improve children and young people’s lives in Liverpool and we would like to hear your views on these and the draft strategy (attached).

The consultation process will consist of a series of stakeholder road show events where views are elicited from parents, young people and front line practitioners across the Education, Health and Social Care workforce. Views will be gathered through meeting minutes, the submission of views via the consultation pro-forma (please see Appendix B) and via head teacher professional association submissions. A dedicated mailbox sendconsult2018@liverpool.gov.uk  has been set up to enable respondents to share their views and opinions on the draft strategy. The draft strategy and consultation pro-forma can also be accessed on Liverpool’s Local Offer. A link will be sent prior to the consultation starting.  

The consultation process will be live from the 14th of April 2018 until the 30th of June 2018 following which, views will be collated, considered and the draft strategy amended accordingly. A partnership launch event will then take place in September 2018 to enable the final strategy to be presented to all key stakeholders.