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Portage in Liverpool

Portage in Liverpool


It is still early days and this area of work is still in development therefore we are currently not able to offer 'Portage' to families at this time however we are developing the 'Portage Model' and additional information about what is available in your area will be published here at a later date.


What is Portage and how will it be used in Liverpool?

Portage is traditionally a home based education approach for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. This model of teaching involves and recognises parents/carers as the first educators of their children.

In Liverpool we are looking at how this can be done with flexibility in order to reach as many children and families as we can.

We are committed to offering this support to families in Liverpool and are adopting the 'Portage Model' of working to support children from birth to five years and their families. Examples of the types of support that we aim to be available are detailed below.

In Early Years Childcare settings The Portage Model is being used to support children in our local children centres and day nurseries - ask to find out if your local provider is trained to use the Portage Principles?

Portage Home Visits May be available to a small number of families of children with complex learning disabilities and special needs. Access to this type of support is via an Education Health Assessment Tool (EHAT). Please contact your local children centre or Neighbourhood Early Years' Service (NEYS) for further information.