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Liverpool Early Help Hubs

There are 3 Locality Early Help Hubs in the City. They share, as closely as possible, thier boundaries with other services (e.g. Clinical Commissioning Groups, Adult Services, Social Care Teams, Health Visitor Neighbourhoods) in order to encourages effective multi-agency working.

Early Help will be happening naturally, in the course of day to day business, where services are working with families and identify the need for multi-agency interventions. Those practitioners identifying the need for multi-agency support will undertake an EHAT with the family, begin to identify strengths and needs, and begin to co-ordinate a TAF and share information (with consent) with other agencies.

At the first TAF meeting a Lead Professional will be confirmed (agreed by the family), who will continue to co-ordinate support and interventions and by the key contact for the family and ensure interventions are addressing the needs identified and progress is being made.

However, there are occasions when this process requires some help.

It is important to be clear that the Early Help Hubs do not provide a co-location of multi-agency workers, nor does a Hub generally provide a case holding function. Early Help Hubs are facilitators of support to the process and harness existing arrangements to ensure families are receiving the coordinated support they need.

Each Locality Hub will be able to:

i) Receive Pre-EHATs (from agreed services/agencies) and ensure the most appropriate service is engaged to undertake an EHAT and relevant services are contributing to the necessary support.

ii) Receive step-down cases from Social Care to ensure relevant support remains in place (using an EHAT) to continue to support families who need this to prevent concerns/needs re-escalating and needing social care interventions again. Step-down cases do not necessarily need to be stepped down to an Early Help Hub.

iii) Provide transitional support (where already engaged with an EHAT) where needs escalate and step-up is required for social care interventions.

iv) Receive information from Careline, where safeguarding concerns have been raised, but deemed not to require social care interventions. Services will be advised by Careline that an EHAT is required, and the Early Help Hub will be able to 'track' the registration of the EHAT, or follow up those professionals who have not undertaken an EHAT where one has been recommended by Careline.

v) Support practitioners in undertaking EHATs for the first time and taking on the Lead Professional role by administrating TAF meetings and supporting the effective recording of information.

vi) Support Lead Professionals where EHATs that have become 'stuck' and there is little or no change in progressing needs to strengths and there may be difficulty in engaging services to provide necessary support.

vii) Provide information, advice and support for Lead Professionals in relation to relevant multi-agency support available in the local Hub footprint.


Hub Coordinator             

Telephone                      0151 233 3637

Email                            EHLHnorth@liverpool.gcsx.gov.uk

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Hub Coordinator            

Telephone                     0151 233 6152

Email                          EHLHcentral@liverpool.gcsx.gov.uk

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        Hub Coordinator           Debbie McAndrew

        Telephone                    0151 233 4447

         Email                          EHLHsouth@liverpool.gcsx.gov.uk

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